Why Choose Us?

We provide real virtual internships with real Businesses and Entrepreneurs who have joined our Consortium. In addition, we engage in providing advanced Development Leader Coaching designed to test, mobilize, and empower our interns to unearth hidden talents, bring a better sense of self-awareness, unleash confidence and leadership, and improve the world of work. We need a workforce that is ready for the challenges of tomorrow by improving capabilities today. Knowing how to apply theory to real-world situations develops much-needed leadership that addresses the Skills-gap. At Pole Star Experiential Learning we have our Consortium of Organizations who have partnered with us to apply our enhanced Program to develop a Career Ready and Competency-Ready workforce.

Lawrence - A recent PSEL intern

“I have realized that I can do more than I ever thought was possible” and “It’s amazing what we have all accomplished.”  

Here are our most popular offerings...

If you would like to schedule a Corporate Training Boot Camp or PEP© Workshop, please contact us. 

Career Exploration & Planning (CEP Course)

The Professional Edge CEP Course is designed to help individuals to decide in what direction to take in their career path. The hands on experience in a safe environment will help those that are undecided to determine likes and dislikes, career strengths and talents, as well as provide a realistic expectation of what the job will truly be like. Before committing and investing thousands in educational study and or training, why not try it on for size beforehand? 


• Course includes various assessments to           help individuals narrow down interests. 
• Other fees will apply. 
• Same deliverables as the Capstone Course. 

Entrepreneur Institute

Our Professional Edge Platform© can help people discover their entrepreneurial strengths while giving them an opportunity to work on those things that need polish in an environment that is forgiving and not financially devastating. Who wouldn't want the chance to learn from mistakes before they crush that beloved dream? Let us help you be your own boss and bring out your highest potential by making your vision a reality. Contact us today to get started. 

Budding Entrepreneurs get all the deliverables that are in the Capstone Course. 

Professional Edge Capstone 

This course offers virtual work experience, competency practice with one-on-one coaching, and a system of micro-learning experiences through a Personalized Learning Plan that is continuously updated through our Professional Growth Acceleration Process© or PGAP©. This PEP experience is filled with planned and unexpected challenges, and hiccups that we encourage every participant to embrace. Rest assured that in the end its purpose will leave participants in a place of confidence and victory. 


Price includes the course & assessments with:
• Certificate/s of competency and course      completion. 
• Letter of reference for employers.
• Contact information for employers to follow up with. 
• PEP© Report materials.
• Personal branding and their start to their personal professional portfolio.
• Membership in the Pole Star Experiential Learning Consortium for future support. This however, does not include the registration and administrative fees. 

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Here's What You Can Expect.

Pole Star’s program is designed to get you the skill sets and competencies that you will need to get you to your final destination, not just the first stopover. Many liken this internship program to a boot camp of sorts. We evaluate your interests and skills, we stretch you, challenge you, and set up the environment for creativity, innovation, and leadership to take root and grow. Not to mention, boost your confidence. Entrepreneurs love our program because it gives them a chance to spread their wings and actively apply their ideas in an environment that is safe to make mistakes. Unlike the Emmy award-winning reality show, Shark Tank, Pole Star’s team will take your concept, accept you as you are, and coach you through the process to success. However, this is not a hand holding program either. We will coach a person through, but it is expected that participants will dig deep and discover solutions to problems, answers to questions, and fill the gap where there is a need. Therefore, please consider the following:

• If you are contemplating joining us, prepare to come in with an open mind.
• Prepare to come in and be bombarded with information. Therefore, organize yourself.
• Release any preconceived notions. This experience is more than you can imagine but will depend on what you put into it. 

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